Koh Samui tourism association has played an active role in the marketing and promoting the overall picture of tourism of Koh Samui, making the island famous and on top destinations of the world. Through the emphasizing on natural beauty and lust environment, as evidenced from the various works carried out continuously to push the economy of Koh Samui towards prosperity and fast progress.

Koh Samui and its sisters island, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Nanyuan and Angthong National marine park passed diverse topographical characters. From Island of different sizes in the golf of Thailand, mountains, plateaus, coastal flat land, and riverbed basin flatland our fascinations that attracts a large number of tourisms each year.

The fastest and convenience in travels contribute to the development of possibly as a major destination in Thailand nevertheless closely remains the island of happiness for visitors the happiness that could vary according to period and time the day, and what each one is in search of or discovers.

Koh Samui tourism Association is aware of the importance of conserving our treasures, that is to operate tourism business that are favorable to the conservation of nature and that and the environment, with peaceful and happy communities, to make Koh Samui a tourist destination that succeeds both in worth and in values.